“I will stay gentle
no matter what I endure,
I am so much more.”


I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 whoooh-hoo~ Sorry not sorry. Lol that’s my theme song this year.

Everything will be alright haha I believe it! Hmm.. I’m just appreciative of having lived 22 years. Oh gosh I am old! Haha well, don’t let this face of mine fool you. Lol I still look like I’m 18. I guess that’s a good thing haha..

I could say that 21 was a beautiful year to embrace change in a positive way. One of the biggest change was me cutting my hair.. ehem cross that out I mean chopping it off to a pixie. That was the boldest thing that I’ve done. Hey, you got to remember a girl’s hair is our life. My hair has grown a bit since then. I miss it but I think I’ll test the waters out some more.. I’m kinda diggin’ the shoulder length. And, also I’ve widen out more. . I have definitely broken out of my shell. Here and there.. little by little I’ve been expanding quite a bit out of the lengths of my comfort zone. It’s about time Ivy!

I’m grateful for having a year full of blessings and laughter with the people I adore the most. Honestly, being 21 was the most enjoyable, heartfelt, and my most favorite year so far. It was quite busy I can guarantee you that hah but definitely the year I had the most laughter in. Sure there are hardships and the terrible sadness that kicked in of being heartbroken but nothing can compare to the memorable things this year has given me.

I treasure twenty-one so much. Twenty-two you have to step it up! Lol I can feel it haha this year I’m glamourizing it with numerous of excitement and more adventures to come.

Oh, and there’s just one more thing.. It’ll be nice to fall in love..


5:31AM - Night Owl’s midsummer morning.